After three hours of glossy, bulky sub drama, a graceless one on one battle between Maharawal and Khilji comes to an end followed by the animated climax.

Bhansali has been as disappointing as ever, mysteriously again failed to make it a point to answer the question – why this movie ?

Wrong choice of characters, Maharaval more than a king was looking like a security guard of Chittor fort and Khilji- not sure what was expected out of him, an eunuch himself with Shutarmurgh, or a Monkey or a Bear. More than controversy on Maharani – and Rajput’s getting annoyed, it should be Brahmins (the way Raghav Chetan was treated) and Musician’s (the way conversation on Raag Yaman went), who should object and request a ban on this visual.

Except for shots on Singhal Pradesh during initial 10 mins and Khilji’s monkey dance post interval, audience had been wanting and missed the scenes made for 3D.

With all this high drama before the movie release, Bhanasali again successfully gets audience to watch another of his movies.

However at the end Art wins again and loads of congratulations from the art lover to an artist Bhansali  for courage, showmanship,  believing in himself .





हज़ार टुकडों में बट गया हूँ मैं,
कुछ इधर कुछ उधर ….
नाम के लिए जी रहा हूँ,
हज़ार सालों से, सदियों से

मैंने जैसे खून से लथपथ कपडे पहने है ..
आसुओं के धागों से बुने हुए…..
नीली नूरी ख़ामोशी से सनी हुई तलवार
आरपार हुई है मेरे चेहरे के परखच्चे उड़ाते हुए ….~नूर

Chahta hoon

जिंदगी  तेज  चलती  कैंची   की  तरह , तार  तार  किये  जाती  थी  मेरी  सांसों   को ,

बस  अभी  अभी  सगुन  रूपी  सुकून  की  सुई  मिली  है  मुझको ….

अपने  साज  को ,दामन  को ,किताबों  को ,स्याही  को ,कलम  को  ,सांसों को  और  जिंदगी  को ;

थोडा  सीना  चाहता  हूँ  !!

फलक  तक  साथ  तेरे , निरंतर  चलना  चाहता  हूँ ..

“नूर ”(रौशनी ) बनकर  तुझमे  खो  जाना  चाहता  हूँ ..

समंदर  बनकर  तुझमे  समा  जाना  चाहता  हूँ ..

तुझे  साथ  लेकर  “स्वप्नीली ” आसमानों  में  उड़ना  चाहता  हूँ  !!


The Journey

Ek lamhe main simat gaya hai sadiyon ka safar..
Zindagi tej..bohot tej chali ho jaise..
Ummeed se jyada hi mila hai aksar
Haathon se sab kuch choo liya ho jaise..
Kyun nahi milta sukoon-e-dil tu bataa e NOOR magar..
Fir bhi bohot sara jeene ki kwahish ho jaise…

Vidwan Dr BalaMuraliKrishna


Vidwan Dr BalaMuraliKrishna is no more. I am not capable enough to say if he is one of the greatest musicians who lived on this earth. Though his ever smiling face while effortlessly rendering vocal music ( I didn’t see him play Mridangam or Violin yet, which knowledgeable people say he had same mastery over), his establishment of definition of classical music – in terms of the music that passes the test of time, his voice full of emotion as if the God indeed is surrounding us and encouragement to find him within us through the sound, and above all a symbolic of beautiful river that flows between tradition to innovation, south to north, smile to bliss, composer to singer, performer to discoverer, and sound to spirituality with ease, will always keep inspiring us. Being a percussionist myself, Dr BalaMurali  has been the factor in my life to start searching for sound in my throat and motivating me enough to allow this sound to happen and follow the same. Incidentally this has taken me to be born again few days back, this time as a classical singer myself. Bowing down.


Blue and Gray

Miscommunication, gaps and confusion.Pakistan/LoC/Media/Surgical strikes, Reliance JIO and saga of telecom, Samsung Note 7 push and pull, Cauveri river issue, and  TCS Q results under the reigns of Mistry -beautifully explained by Mercury retrograde, becoming direct and Jupiter, Sun and Mercury in Virgo. Moon opposing trios in Pieces will create a nice force aligning spectrum, nations, states, and mobile phones towards oceans, tails, toes, Yellows and CHINA, and much more !

God and Moon

ना पूँछ तू इतना की- मै कौन हूँ , कहाँ हूँ , कैसा हूँ,
लबों से जान ही निकल आएगी जवाब के साथ ।
छोड़ दे मुझको इन परिंदों , इन जनावरों के बीच ए ‘नूर ‘
पता तो चले , कितना दूर और है मेरे इस खुदा का साथ ।।